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illegalbutsweet's Journal

starshone_storm's Digimon, Pokemon, and Golden Sun journal because Digimon was really just starting to flood her personal journal, a grand total of three people on her flist even pretended to care about her progress in Pokemon, and she has a grand total of one person on her flist who likes Golden Sun. (Hi, blitzente!)

I only ever update this journal, I may friend back but that's just so it looks neat, and I only use this journal to reply to comments so I don't have them e-mailed to me.

The art is at deviantART, the fanfiction is at spiralunbound, the graphics are at spiritevolution, and all may be linked here if I like them a lot.

I roleplay lots of mostly minor characters, mostly at digital_dive.

Digimon canon (in order of preference): Tamers, Data Squad, D-Cyber, 02, V-Tamer, Adventure (I'm a total dubbie but I do use Japanese names and terms, unless specifically talking about Data Squad). I play Digimon World: Dusk on and off.

Favorite Digimon characters:
Adventure: Daisuke, Taichi, Koushirou, Mimi, Osamu and Ken, Wallace
Tamers: Jenrya, Ryo, Ruki, Takato, Terriermon, Shuichon, Jaarin
Data Squad: The trio!
D-Cyber: Masuken
V-Tamer: Mari, Neo and Rei, Taichi

Digimon ships (by no means an exhaustive list, and I'm pretty open to others):
Adventure: Taiora, Takari, Daiyako, Kenyako, Daiken, Walsuke, Taito, Mimato
Ryo pops up everywhere: Ryosamu, Milleryo, Mimiryo
Tamers: Jenrya, Ryo, and Ruki in any and all combinations, Jurato, Ryokato, Kainami, unrequited Kairya, unrequited Shaoryo
Data Squad: digiTomato, Chikuto (...just made that up)
V-Tamer: Hideto/Rei
Crack crossovers (read: ace_aduro): Jenrya/Masuken, Kai/Rei, Ken/Alice

I'm also a longtime fan of Patrick O'Shea's Digimon/Pokemon crossover Digicross series, and was the inspiration behind the character of Caryl Kyashi.

Pokemon canon: I gave up on the anime once it hit about the Johto League. I play Diamond on and off and also have Yellow and Crystal waiting to be finished and Sapphire waiting to complete the Pokedex. I also have Stadium, Snap, and, perhaps somewhat irrelevantly, Super Smash Bros. I love the card game.

Pokemon characters: Domino, Molly, Melody, Ash, Misty, Mewtwo, Meowth, Lucario

Pokemon pairings: AAML, Jesse/James

Golden Sun characters: Ivan, Sheba, Felix and Jenna

Golden Sun ships (ship names ain't just for Pokemon and Harry Potter): One-sided Puretortureshipping (I am proud to have pioneered this ship), Mudshipping, Flameshipping, one-sided Imilshipping, Lighthouseshipping, Xianshipping, Porcelainshipping