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To know the Unown...

Earlier this week I downloaded WSCamp and the ROMs for the Ryo games. Despite not reading a character of non-Romanized Japanese. My progress so far:
Cathode: Managed to work out A, start, and how to save, got through a lot of exposition, and then...failed at the battle system. It's this weird one where you have to move a bunch of squares first and be right in front of the enemy 'mon before fighting. And I couldn't even move a single square! I fail.
Tag: Haven't started.
D-1: Cleared a dungeon. I think. I was rather confused about the whole thing. However, having worked out the battle system is always a bonus! I can hit stuff.
Brave: I can get through ExpositioNIAC, but I FAIL AT DUNGEONS. Srsly, I'm in the first one, and I KEEP GOING AROUND IN CIRCLES. Although I was rather amused when the pre-Game Over screen said "LOSE". I love gratuitous English.

I'm watching Pokemon 3 right now, and I have the strange temptation to RP an older Molly (12ish? how old she 'is' when she battles Misty...even though I like her 'adult' costume better). And the inspiration behind the temptation, too... I'd love to play her in a Digimon 'verse to have her freak out about how it's not real. Or to throw the Unown at her again :3 And there she goes on the list of characters I want to RP (now amounting to four: Jen, Ryo, Ivan, and now Molly).

In Your Element snippets

So in that pairings meme (more accurately, the more multifandom version on my personal journal), I consulted an old GS AU I'd started, and oh my gosh, why did I never do more on this fic, I had some brilliant (or, you know, not half-bad) bits in it! Despite being twelve years old at the time.

General context: Garet works as a guard, I forgot what Jenna's job is but she's going out with him, Isaac is a squire to Felix's knighthood-ness, Mia is a princess, Piers is her father and a lord, Alex is Mia's cousin and a duke (I had no clear concept of royalty at age twelve), Ivan is pretty much aristocracy but hates it and steals from Lord Hammet's warehouses for fun and profit, I can't remember what Sheba did either but she screws with Ivan's head for sport. I think that's everyone.

And when I say 'sic', I mean "I didn't mean it, I was just an idiot". :D Apologies for the punctuation abuse as well, although I did edit out the capsrock.

Snippets of fic here.Collapse )

Man, what a nostalgia trip. :D I kept starting all these AUs for different fandoms when I was younger (GS alone had the starts of three GS AUs, two parodies with Digimon: The Movie and Moulin Rouge, two novelizations (one had a really snarky Isaac and an equally snarky narrator), and a modernization) and never finishing them.
Read the characters you know and tell me if you notice a pattern of who I tend to like best.
Post this in your journal so I can do the same with you.

Adventure: Daisuke, Mimi, Wallace, Taichi, Koushirou, Ken and Osamu
Tamers: Jen, Ryo, Ruki, Takato, Terriermon, Jaarin
D-Cyber: Masuken
V-Tamer: Mari, Neo and Rei, Taichi
Data Squad: the trio, Kudamon
Pokemon: Domino, Ash, Mewtwo, Meowth, Lucario

Read the pairings of the characters you know and tell me if you notice a pattern of what kind of relationships I tend to like best.
Post this in your journal so I can do the same with you.

Adventure: Taiora, Mimato, Takari, Kenyako, Daiyako, Daiken, Osaryo, Taito, Wallsuke
Wonderswan: Mimiryo, Milleryo
V-Tamer: Hideto/Rei
Tamers: Jenrya, Ryo, and Ruki in any and all combinations, Ryokato, Jurato, Kainami, unrequited Kairya, I've just discovered I like one-sided Shaoryo
Savers: digiTomato, Chikuto
Crack crossovers: Jen/Masuken, Kai/Rei, Ken/Alice
Pokemon: AAML forever XD come on, even Tracey ships it


Write down twelve names from one fandom that you read or write. After that, follow the cut and write honest answers to the questions about them.

02) Pukamon
03) Jen
04) Ryo
05) Ruki
06) Takato
07) Terriermon
08) er...Shuichon
09) running out of characters, crap. Adventure ahoy! Ken
10) ...damnit, when was the last time I wrote Adventure? Daisuke
11) okay back to Tamers. Jaarin
12) um um um just one more... oh yeah, it can be read, not just write! um, Wallace

Pretty much the same meme, but this one's always good to kill time and innocence...Collapse )

Man I like the Data Squad themesong

d-d-d-Data Squad - The Digi-Egg that Fell to Earth: I'm not particularly impressed with Falcomon's voice. :( Though I loved how Marcus decided to take things regarding Biyomon into his own hands, awww, and Puwamon was so cute in a weird way (but Rika, er Kristy squealing over it was a bit odd). And no "IT'S FIGHTIN' TIME" this episode?! :( I love that stupid catchphrase! I've started using it in real life, albeit usually with my sister - "it's eatin' time!" "it's sleepin' time!" etc.

Pokemon Yellow: I caught Moltres today!! It killed my Pikachu and my Venusaur but heck, I caught it with my last Ultra Ball. And now I'm lost. I've been completely spoilt by Crystal and Sapphire, where Victory Road was so so so straightforward (although I had to laugh at the overly long "you can pass only if you have the X badge" bit, especially when you had to Surf). I think I'll have to turn to a walkthrough, which makes me sad :( I swore I wouldn't use one much for this game!

New journal!

So my sister and I watched Digimon: X-Evolution today with cattrius thanks to the joys of MSN. I fully did not know it wasn't dubbed, so that was a bit of a no-brainer on my part, especially as it's much harder to MSN and read subs at the same time than it is to MSN and listen, and of course my attention span started giving out in the second half. I got way too confused. :( However, the Tokomon was adorable (well, except those teeth are so much scarier in 3D when they already kind of freak me out in 2D), and Dukemon had the shmexiest voice evar. Yes, I am going to stop fangirling Digimon voices now. (Until Thursday, maybe Wednesday when we have time to watch d-d-d-Data Squad!)

I also managed to beat both Giovanni and Johan (read: Gary) in Pokemon Yellow today! This is much more of an achievement than it seems, as my main tactic in Yellow thus far seems to have been "run like hell from wild Pokemon, then when forced into battle, Sleep Powder everything and poke them with sticks". Actually, that was my tactic with Nidoqueen, Persian, and Johan's Kadabra, but never mind. I was pretty damn amazed that my hideously underlevelled team (read: levels 38-39) pulled through, though half of it was honestly sheer dumb luck - Giovanni's Pokemon kept using either stupid moves like Screech and Tail Whip over and over, or in the case of Nidoking, he couldn't pull off a Thunder to pwn Alan (my Butterfree...it's a long musical). N00bs (seeing as I haven't played it in ages)' luck saves the day!