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More family reactions to d-d-d-Data Squad:

Banchou Leomon: [recap, recap] "They found me instead: Banchou Leomon."
Mom: "So is Leomon going to die again?"

Marcus: [rant rant] "Nerdstein!"
Mom, to Dad: "We should have another child and name it Nerdstein."

Also, Marcus ships Thomas/Kristy. D: "Ever since your boyfriend Thomas left..."

I love how Data Squad is getting stronger reactions out of my little sister than the other seasons did. :) And even though I know the overview of what happens, I love that I'm still surprised by the trip there.

Megumi and Miki are awesome, the end.

And man, I wish fandom would use audiodrama canon in their post-02 stuff. (Says the person who hasn't written for Adventure for forever but...somehow RPs five and a half of them and is applying for another. But then, most of them are internationals or epilogue spawn, so...)