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Look, it's a Pokeymanz meme

1) What was your first Pokemon game?
Trading Card Game ^-^

2) Can you remember who your starter was?
Okay, for srs Crystal, probably with Totodile to get an easy ride with the gyms.

3) Did you ever complete the Pokedex in any games?

4) Did you watch the Pokemon anime? Who was your favourite character?
In terms of non-one-offs, Ash~! And Meowth and Mewtwo. One-offs, Domino and my fanon Molly. Mol is such a joy to write.

5) Do you still watch the anime?
Occasionally I catch it on Cartoon Network but I don't actively go hunting for it. It all went downhill after the Orange League.

6) What's your favourite Pokemon type? Explain.
Fire! I'm a bit of a pyro.

7) Who's your favourite Pokemon? Explain.
Cyndaquil! See fire explanation. Aaaaand it's cute. Cyndaquil > Charmander > Torchic > Chimchar.

8) Which Pokemon do you dislike the most? Explain.
Bidoof. I feel kind of bad for it because of its name but you know, at least Rattata were useful.

9) Which is your favourite region? Explain.
The Orange Archipelago! I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED A GAME FOR THIS PLACE. I just loved the whole island thing (wow, someone was born in an archipelago and lives less than an hour from a beach) and I adored how the gym battles weren't just about battling, they were about skills in other areas too.

10) Which is your favourite Pokemon series (ie, Kanto 1-151, Johto 152-251, Hoenn 252-358, others)?
This meme was obviously written before D/P. Anyhoo, Kanto/Johto. Second gen was always my favorite.

11) Can you say a series Pokedex, without a reference, in order?
Sure, when I was ten. Kanto.

12) Do you know all the type advantages, disadvantages and all the super-effective moves for each type?
I wouldn't be able to recite them but if something comes up in battle I can produce the super-effective stuff. Or at least go "goshdarnit I don't have a bla with me".

13) Did you prefer Pokemon before the new ones, or after?
Before third gen.

14) Have you got an Original Character who is a trainer?
Not at the moment.

15) Have you ever wrote a fanfiction story about Pokemon?
When I was eleven.

16) Was the OC based on yourself?
Sort of. Because we all sort of project ourselves onto the player characters.

17) Who is your favourite gym leader?
Mm, despite my raving about second-gen, I kind of like Flannery? NO WAIT I KNOW WHAT, ORANGE LEAGUE TIME. Rudy for hitting on Misty, Danny for the actual gym challenge.

18) What about Elite Four trainer?

19) If you lived in the Pokemon world, who would your starter be?
Um, duh, Renamon. J/k, this is why I shouldn't start to bring fic canon into memes. Cyndaquil!

20) Which city would you live in before you started your journey? Why?
Greenfield: Everything's beautiful there, including the girls, so I clearly belong. KIDDING. Neon Town! It's NYC but in Pokemon XD And hey, I wouldn't be mocked for not sleeping much.

21) Would you travel just in the one region, or spread to other places?
Orange League, here I come~

22) Would you train just one type, or different ones?
Different ones! Idk how those one-type only trainers get anywhere.

23) What kind of Poke-Person would you be? Trainer? Breeder? Gym leader? Other?
Trainer with a side interest in coordinating. DUDE, THIS SOUNDS LIKE MY RP CHARACTERS.

24) Would you collect gym badges? Or keep Pokemon as pets?
Badges and ribbons!

25) Who is your ultimate two-on-two team? Explain.
My Linoone equivalent in Sapphire and...idk. Although at the moment in Diamond Rosa (Graveler) and Damba (Crobat) are working well together!