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More family reactions to d-d-d-Data Squad:

Banchou Leomon: [recap, recap] "They found me instead: Banchou Leomon."
Mom: "So is Leomon going to die again?"

Marcus: [rant rant] "Nerdstein!"
Mom, to Dad: "We should have another child and name it Nerdstein."

Also, Marcus ships Thomas/Kristy. D: "Ever since your boyfriend Thomas left..."

I love how Data Squad is getting stronger reactions out of my little sister than the other seasons did. :) And even though I know the overview of what happens, I love that I'm still surprised by the trip there.

Megumi and Miki are awesome, the end.

And man, I wish fandom would use audiodrama canon in their post-02 stuff. (Says the person who hasn't written for Adventure for forever but...somehow RPs five and a half of them and is applying for another. But then, most of them are internationals or epilogue spawn, so...)

Jan. 8th, 2009

Okay, so I watch Data Squad with my ten-year-old sister. Prior to this we watched the first three seasons together. She hasn't seen Frontier at all.

Kouki, Ivan, Nanami: "Bio Hybrid Digivolve to..."
My sister: "Are these guys from season four?" :|

Bancho Leomon: lol hai gaiz
My sister: "I wonder when he'll die?"

Also, I am still slightly shocked that when Kurata was all up in the director's face, I physically leaned back from the screen - and I sit about two feet away from it to start with. o_o;

All these baby digimon getting pwned upset me :(

In non-anime news, I keep getting my ass kicked by Exo Grimmon in Dusk and it's really pissing me off. D: Like, I'll be doing fine, and then he puts my whole party to sleep and all I can do is watch them die. DX

Sep. 9th, 2008

I have this sudden urge to RP the lead girl of Digimon World: Dusk and I have no idea where it came from.

Thing is, I lost all my notes on her from the last time I had this urge, so I'd have to replay it to get any sense of characterization (given she doesn't talk a lot this would totally be from the sprite's physical reactions to stuff), not to mention the plot and so on. Not sure whether I should or not, because I don't really want to lose the 'mons I have.


Raz: "And somewhere, in some parallel reality, I have created Taichi/Masaru shippers."

Obviously I had to pull Rule 35 (if no porn is found at the moment, it will be made) on him.

While I couldn't bring myself to draw/Photoshop actual porn, I did come up with this [completely and utterly work safe]Collapse ) the same night this was all mentioned. And now I sort of want to write fic for it.

I am a horrible person :(

Look, it's a Pokeymanz meme

Fanfic summary meme

All fics at spiralunbound. Crack summaries rawk.

One, as a kind of sample:

People Who Live in Glass Houses
Digital gate: Hai thar!
Ryo: Stupid digital world; get off my lawn.
Daisuke: Stop throwing rocks!

I can has meme!Collapse )
Takato: I really shouldn't eavesdrop.


Got my hands on World: Dusk! Dad won't let the DS onto the network though so this means that like in Pokemon BC (Before Chris), I am never going to catch them all. :(

As usual I've managed to do the old "stuck for the world's stupidest reason" thing because I am really freaking incompetent. That reason would be "I can't find my house". Told you it was stupid. Anyway, I have now procured a walkthrough so I shall find it now.


Because of the lame five character limit on names, I've named my character Akiko. I was going to name her Akira after my character's kid in Digicross, but then I realized the sprite didn't really seem like an Akira (she's essentially Ruki's crossdimensional twin). It seems slightly ridiculous that the Digimon have longer character limits. (I nabbed the Defense Pack because it has Kurasimon and I want a pet Milleniumon. (Yes, I have since realized that I'll have to go catch a Kuramon from scratch. Gosh darnit. Of course they wouldn't just hand me the digimon I need to create my own evil god.) Mega Kabuterimon is named Koushirou because I am incredibly original, Kurasimon is named Tag after the game, and Lunamon is named Hotaru after the one in digital_dive cos she's got one. Yes, I am made of originality.)

What seems even more ridiculous is how you start the game with a freaking perfect (I swear I'm just using him to beat on everything), an adult, and a child. I mean, a perfect at the start of the game?! And it sort of bothers me how the human sprites don't move when they're standing still but the digimon never stop moving.

LOL WHUT, EVERYONE GOT DIGITAMA'D! I don't know whether to feel vindicated or annoyed that Kurasimon and Mega Kabuterimon reverted to child, though.

I've seen at least parts of High School Musical 2 three times in the last four days. This is making me want to throw Ryan Evans into a multifandom digital world RPG, if only because I think the idea of partnering him with Fairymon is hilarious. I think I'll just wait for digitalhyperion (;P), I'm loving Ryo and Molly at the moment and I'd rather not throw in more crack.
So with Digimon, anyone asks for caps, downloads, w/e and Digimon Spirit is almost bound to come up.

Why can't there be a site like that for Pokemon? ;_; All I want are some good quality movie caps that I'm too uncoordinated to take myself! [/whine whine whine]

[will probably delete this at a more sensible time]